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How do you choose a varicose veins surgeon and treatment?

varicose Vein Treatment

Many Indians are unaware of this disease, and those who are aware of it do not seek treatment at the right time. Maybe there are various reasons why we think it doesn’t bother us that much and we don’t feel any pain in our legs, but when it starts causing severe problems in our legs, such as producing pain and preventing us from wearing our favorite shorts, it looks embarrassing. Then we began looking for a cure and a treatment for this disease. The major question on your mind will always be, “Which doctor or how do I find the correct surgeon for varicose veins?”

As you get older, it’s only natural that you may start to see changes in your body. One such change can be the appearance of varicose veins. Varicose veins are swollen veins that often appear as cords or ropes on the surface of your skin. They usually occur in the legs, but they can also show up in other parts of the body. While they aren’t always dangerous, they can be a cosmetic concern for many people. 

But when it comes to finding the best surgeon for your varicose veins, there are some steps that you will follow when you judge any surgeon based on their experience and their expertise in that field. Because of the variety of treatments available on the market, we always try to understand the treatments and their benefits, but in all these things, we get confused about which treatment is correct for our varicose veins.

Doctors who have access to all types of endovenous treatments and can select the best one for a particular patient are more likely to achieve positive outcomes.

Obviously, patient reviews can help to some extent, but they must be interpreted in context.

To decide the further benefits of treatment, you have to also be clear on the long-term results of the treatment. And according to that, you will choose the right surgeon who gives you the right treatment with so many years of experience and who has treated many patients with the same procedure. Their reviews of the procedure will give you the overall idea of the surgeon and the treatment they are using to treat the patients.

So this is all about how to choose the right surgeon for your varicose veins. There are various treatments available on the market to treat varicose veins, but Banker Vascular Centre has treated more than 12,000 cases of varicose veins with their non-surgical embolization process that requires no cut, no long waiting period, and one-day discharge. The treatment is Venseal Glue Embolization and Dr. Mohal Banker, who has experience of more than 15 years of as an Interventional Radiologist, has successfully implemented the non-surgical treatment for varicose veins.

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