Genicular Artery Embolization training

Dr Banker & Dr Rozil gandhi have done india’s first case of genicular artery embolization. Being pioneered in this field we have gained lots of experience for knee pain & other joint pain treatment.

Now it’s our turn to teach young Interventional Radiologist this procedure & save knee joint from joint replacement operation. With this intention we have started training programme for genicular artery embolization.

There are Two modules of training

  1. Theoretical approach
  • Anatomy of knee joint
  • Genicular artery Anatomy
  • Mechanism of action for G.A.E.
  • How to Examine patient?
  • How to Select patient & Evaluate effectiveness of our treatment.
  • Hardware selection for case.
  • Which embolizing particle should be used?

2. Practical training- once candidate Aquent with theory we give him practical training.

  • Live case -How to identify genicular arteries?
  • Live case- How to hook genicular arteries-tips & tricks.
  • Live case- Identification of moya moya blood vessels.
  • Live case- Injecting embolizing particle-tips & tricks.
  • Live case- Identification of end point.
  • Practical tips to avoid complication.

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