The Patient Story : JAYRAMBHAI DESAI

Hello Everyone

Myself Jayram Desai. I was suffering from Varicose Veins since seven long years.

Due to that I had lot of pain and swelling in my both legs, so much that I couldn’t travel. I also had difficulty in driving car. Sometimes the pain aggravated so much that I couldn’t drive. Pain increased on standing and performing certain activities.

One fine day I saw advertisement of Bankers Vascular Hospital on facebook, the institute which is experienced and well known for treating it.

I took appointment for consultation of Dr. Mohal Banker. Starting from the very beginning, hospital staff is very supportive and caring. They checked my vitals and gave proper counselling. I was very anxious about all my problems regarding varicose veins, whether they will get solved or not. But I realized that it was the best decision I took going to Bankers Vascular Hospital.

Dr. Mohal Banker is very empathetic doctor. He listens to all the problems very patiently. The quality which I feel is very rare. He evaluated and examined me thoroughly. He confirms the varicose valve leakage via Doppler by himself and then proceeds for further treatment. The treatment procedure was explained thoroughly and all my doubts were cleared.

After his advice, I underwent for Venaseal Glue Embolization which is advanced treatment for Varicose Veins. It is so advanced that it doesn’t involve any surgery or any scars.

Venaseal Glue Treatment involves closing the leakage valves by glue via inserting a very thin catheter in the affected veins. No anaesthesia was given to me. It is so advanced that during the procedure, I could talk and did not even feel any pain too. This procedure is hardly of 30 minutes. This procedure also allows walking immediately after 2 hours. The concerned hospital staff was also very helpful and supportive which is also required for good motivation and positive feedback.  

After the treatment I am able to walk effectively without any symptoms. I also do not feel any pain while performing activities and also while walking. I had too much of swelling which also got subsided.

 My advice to the individuals who are suffering from the same problem should once visit Bankers Vascular Hospital and get themselves treated. The best part is that this treatment has no side effects and very less hospital stay i.e upto one day depending upon the severity.



My name is Vimalaben Kakadiya. I am 60 years old.

 I was having pain in my knee since seven years. I also had some swelling around my knee joint. I had difficulty in walking. I also couldn’t stand for prolonged period.  Due to the pain, I also had limitations in activities of daily living. After walking for a shorter period, I need to take a break and sit down.

I decided to consult Dr. Mohal Banker who is known Interventional Radiologist and take his advice. I took the appointment of Bankers Vascular Hospital situated at Ahmedabad.

I was examined properly by him. He is very genuine doctor and has expertise in treating such cases. He listened carefully to me and advised me for Genicular Artery Embolization (GAE) which is advanced Japanese treatment for Knee Pain. It also doesn’t involve any surgery or any scars.

Genicular Artery Embolization is minimally invasive procedure for knee which provides short term and long term benefits for knee pain. I was given only local anaesthesia and no sedation. Dr. Mohal Banker and Dr. Rozil Gandhi along with the team performed the procedure. I could talk to my doctor in between the procedure.

No cuts and scars are made, so I found it cosmetically also soothing.

Due to this treatment I got my knee painfree completely in just seven days.

I also do not have any pain now in my knee and can walk effectively. I can also stand for prolonged period.

I also got to know that Bankers Vascular Centre and their team run special OPDs out of Ahmedabad, so that they could help and reach out the individuals with the same problem; which I find unique.


My pain is alleviated and I would be forever grateful for that. I am thankful to Bankers Vascular Hospital and team for the best treatment of knee.