Heel Pain Treatment Without Surgery

Hello everyone I’m doctor Mohal Banker Interventional radiologist and today we are going to talk about heel pain.

Heel pain is common in our society. 10% population of people are suffering from heel pain. There are many reasons for heel pain of which one is Plantar fasciitis which is one of the most common reasons and 2nd is heel pain atrophy which is happened due to taking steroid injections. 3rd is stress fracture calcium. Of all of the reasons, the most common reason is Plantar fasciitis.

Let’s see what is Plantar fasciitis? Why does Plantar fasciitis happen?

As you can see this is a heel and this is the arch of the heel to maintain the arch of the foot fascia is developed. The weight of the foot is maintained by the Plantar fascia. When the foot is on the upper side the Plantar is stressed and when it is on the downside it is in relaxation mode. When people are standing or running at that time the pressure is on the Plantar fascia that’s why the people are feeling heel pain.

But the good thing is 80% of people are treated by conservity treatment and people are feeling better after that process. In this process, there are different types of Plantar fascia exercises and we give people Plantar soles to put in their shoes and patients are feeling better. Besides this, some medicines are also available and after all this process if the patient is not feeling better then we tell them about our new treatment heel pain embolization that they should go for this treatment.

What is heel pain embolization?

At the time of pain, small blood vessels grow in the heel that is known as Moya Moya blood vessels. You can see an angiography on the screen of our patient. Where the Plantar fascia is attached there is an abnormal vascular brush. This abnormal brush is the cause of the pain.

First, we do the angiography to see where the blood vessels are and once we identify we inject the embolization particles. These embolization particles are so small that they directly block the blood vessels and once these blood vessels which is also known as Moya Moya blood vessels block then the cytoplasm is stops and its surrounding stops the signal to feel the pain and because of this patients are not feeling the pain. The pain goes by 80 to 100%.

If the pain is from more than 2 years then we have to do some changes in the Plantar fascia and then the patient gets relief from the pain.

People also ask about taking steroid and PRP injections but sometimes patients are having problems due to these injections.

Let’s see the surgical treatment in this surgical treatment that is done by the cut in the heel and these all are very old methods and the outcomes are also not good. So heel pain embolization is the best treatment for Plantar fascia which is very common in our society. When the patients come for the treatment within a few hours the treatment is done and patients get back to walking without pain.

Thank you so much if you are having any questions or queries then just ask me and we will very happy to answer all your questions.

Thank you so much.