Bankers Note: U.P. Election 2022 analysis

Bankers Note U.P. Election 2022, Pristine care & changing business model of many established businesses.

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Freedom from knee & heel pain webinar on 15th august 2021

This Independence Day, we are planning a webinar specifically for people suffering from knee and heel pain. In this webinar, the experts will discuss the unusual behaviour that people will express in response to pain, as well as the symptoms and the best non-surgical treatments that will fit into your budget so that this Independence Day can be a success. get the chance to speak with experts and have one-on-one conversations with the Right Doctors for your assistance

Objective : This webinar is exclusively for people who are experiencing heel pain and Knee Pain which restricts their routine life activities.

In this webinar, Interventional Radiologist, Dr. Mohal Banker, and Dr. Rozhil Gandhi will discuss

heel pain conditions and the latest Nonsurgical Treatment

• What causes Heel pain

• What Causes Knee Pain

• Symptoms of Knee and Heel Pain

• Dicussing the Treatments Realted to Disease

• Patient reviews and feedback

• Live Q&A

About the speaker: Dr. Mohal Banker is practicing as a consultant interventional radiologist. He has a special interest in varicose vein, vascular malformation & pain management treatment. He is a passionate traveler, blogger & his “BANKERS NOTE” blog is very popular on He is associated with numerous academic programs. Dr. Banker organizes many conferences regularly to create awareness.

Dr. Rozil Gandhi (DMRD, DNB (Radiology)) Visiting Consultant in Interventional Radiology available at Narayana Multispecialty Hospital, Ahmedabad. He has presented at more than 10 national conferences and received many awards in poster and paper presentations. His core areas of interest are in GI INTERVENTIONS AND PERCUTANEOUS INTERVENTIONS.

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Innovation in medical field

There are many new innovative technique coming up in medical field. I have included few technique like glue embolisation in varicose vein & absolute ethanol embolisation of vascular malformation.

Many knows that diabetes is treatable but type 2 diabetes is reversible. Dr rajesh hydrabadi is going to share views on it.