टेनिस एल्बो की सारवार बिना कोई सर्जरी से

Hello everyone. I’m Dr Mohal Banker, Interventional Radiologist, and today we are going to talk about tennis elbow.

By listening to the name “tennis elbow”, we think that this can only happen to tennis players, but it is not like that tennis elbow happens to many ordinary people.

Why does this tennis elbow happen?

It happens due to the movement in our wrist, which is known as the common extensor tendon. And the second reason for that is the elbow, which is known as the ECRB. The movement from wrist to elbow is very active and, due to that, the more work with this part, the more the pain starts in the elbow.

First, this pain was recognised by tennis players because they have to use this part a lot. After that, when the patients have done much work from the wrist, they have had a lot of pain, which is also one reason for tennis elbow. Many people in the general population have gone through this pain. It is also seen in housewives when they have an excessive workload on their wrists and elbows.

What are the treatment options for tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow pain is usually relieved with physiotherapy, medication, and steroid injections. But some patients, after 3 to 4 months, try all these things and tell us that they are still having the pain.

People ask us if we have any other treatment.

Then we tell them that we provide treatment without any surgery or operation. With our new technique, “Tennis Elbow Embolization,” the pain of the tennis elbow goes away. 

What do we do in our treatment? 

In our treatment, we do that angiography and find the blood vessels that are known as Moya Moya blood vessels, which cause the pain. We inject embolization particles, and those particles remove the abnormal blood vessels, and the pain goes away from the patient’s elbow. People get relief from pain after the treatment. The main benefit of this treatment is that it eliminates the root cause of the pain. This process is completed within half an hour, and we discharge the patients within the day. The patient can be back at work within a few hours. So actively, tennis elbow embolization is the best method for tennis elbow pain. If you have had elbow pain for more than 2-3 months, then it can be treated with this treatment.

If you have any questions or any queries, then ask us. We will be happy to answer all your questions. Thank you.

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