Antifragile Remarks by dr mohal banker

Antifragile 2021-Genicular artery embolization by dr rozil gandhi

Antifragile 2021-Frozen shoulder treatment by dr mohal banker

Venaseal glue embolization by dr mohal banker

Fragile means things which breakdown in any difficulty while Antifragile means things which actually gain from difficulties.

ANTIFRAGILE- 2021 is unique conference which shows how to deal with difficult situation like covid-19 pandemic & rather than suffering how to take advantage of such difficult situation. Many doctor friends have gained from this pandemic by innovating new things. In this conference , we are going to cover lots of innovative treatment which has changed traditional practise. In short, this conference will guide you how to make yourself antifragile.

  1. Conference date & time: 7th march 2021, 10.00 am to 11.30 am
  2. Venue:

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