Bankers note-knowledge does not means you understand it.

Recently one patient of vascular malformation come to my OPD,  He has already consulted to many doctors and my name is recently added in his list. After evaluation , i offered him ethanol embolotherapy for vascular malformation. After 2 session of embolotherapy his swelling & symptoms significantly reduced.. But when he came for first consultation in my opd, anyone can surprised by his big files of investigation reports & number of doctors he has consulted. I am more surprised that none of that super specialist colleague has put right diagnosis & advised right treatment. Many times this question come in my mind… why equally trained doctors, who have knowledge of disease but when patient comes they fail to apply this knowledge & doesn’t reach to right diagnosis…?

My son has shown this video of backward brain bicycle. Let’s see this video, answer lies in this video.

In this video, it is clear message that this cyclist brain has knowledge of how to ride backward  bicycle but it does not mean he is able to ride it unless his brain understands. Knowledge gives just awareness, but unless your brain develops pathway to apply this knowledge, it is useless. Knowledge of disease will not give right diagnosis until you apply it on patients. keep it in your mind….. Knowledge does not mean you understand it!

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