How I Treat Vascular Malformation?

Hello everyone I’m doctor Mohal Banker Interventional radiologist and welcome to this special pain channel.

Today we are going to discuss Vascular Malformation. Vascular malformation is of two types 1) Slow flow Vascular Malformation 2) High flow Vascular Malformation.

So the classification of slow flow and high flow Vascular Malformation is done by the velocity of the blood flow in vascular malformation lesions. 

Now the treatment of vascular malformation is very tricky because the nidus of vascular malformation and the growth of its eager cell lining is very much. If one or two cells are left during the treatment then the pain reappears 1 or 2 years after the treatment. The nidus of the Vascular Malformation should be properly destroyed.

Now we talk about surgery, in surgery muscles are there so it is difficult to remove and some portions of nidus still remain in the body. So Surgery is not a good option. The 2nd option is Steroid Injections like glue, polidocanol. If we use these injections then it will block the blood vessels but it will not destroy the nidus. That’s why the pain reappears in the body. 

The ideal treatment for vascular malformation is Absolute Ethanol Embolization. This embolization destroys the cells of the nidus. Once the cells of the nidus get destroyed then the nidus will also be completely destroyed. This treatment will give the permanent solution for Vascular Malformation. Many times there are multiple nidus in the lesion of the vascular malformation. We have to identify every nidus in the lesions and we have to inject absolute ethanol embolization and destroy the nidus. 

For the treatment of vascular malformation, you need an expert who has treated many cases of Vascular Malformation. The person who knows how to inject absolute ethanol embolization.

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