Bankers Note- A doctor is never on a holiday

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Recently I visited Tokyo, Japan. It was a professional visit to meet Dr Yuji Okuno and Dr Keishi Fujiwara ,Interventional Radiologists.

Conventional Joint pain management technique like nerve ablation and PRP injections are no more preferred treatments in the world. These techniques are going to be replaced by long-lasting Joint pain embolization technique. It is performed with angiography of the joint and targeting chronic inflammation in joint. In India, Bankers vascular Centre is an early adopter of this technique.

Glimpse with Dr Yuji Okuno

During my professional visit, I got an opportunity to experience the beauty of cherry blossoms in Japan.  Cherry blossom trees are planted in most places in Japan. It is a fascinating sight when it blooms in the Spring season. Japanese people have a tradition of enjoying a picnic under cherry blossom trees. At night, these trees are illuminated in many spots and the view is breathtaking, especially at the Nako-Maguro River.

Cherry Blossom at Night

night cherry blossom
night cherry blossom

At the end of my trip, I was just evaluating, am I on a holiday? or professional visit or both? It was both. I believe doctors are never off the duty. Whenever I am on a holiday, group members think that one doctor is with us and he will take care of any medical emergency. Even railway tickets have a discloser for your doctor’s status to handle medical emergencies. Many times we think that it’s just formality, nobody needs it. Let me share my experience. It was my flight to Vancouver, one passenger lost consciousness. Suddenly situation became stressful.  At 35000 ft height, in mid-air, what to do? Without wasting time announcement for the doctor was made by the captain. Luckily we were able to save the patient. Later at the time of landing flight captain came to me and gave me a champagne bottle & told me “Happy Holidays Doc “. I told him “Thanks captain, but Doctors and Soldiers are never off the duty”

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