The best Way to Treat Knee Joint pain is by Japanese Technique ( Genicular Artery Embolization )

Hello, my name is Mohal Banker, and I work as an interventional radiologist. Today we will discuss a novel treatment for knee joints called genicular artery embolization.

Embolism of the Genicular Artery It works effectively for the treatment of numerous knee disorders, such as knee osteoarthritis and squad injuries, and in every case, genicular artery embolization is beneficial to the patient.

In the above video, we performed several live procedures on patients who were experiencing this type of discomfort. We performed certain treatments on them and performed angiography on them. What were the results of the catheterization?

So, first and foremost, the knee receives blood supply from six different arteries, so each knee joint has an artery that supplies blood to it. So, what we do is take a small cather and embolize it, after which we inject cotrask into the knee joint to determine the presence of moya moya blood vessels.

So, what exactly are Moya Moya Blood Vessels?

Moya Moya Blood Vessels are abnormal blood vessels that are found in pain areas of your body, such as your knee joint. These Blood Vessels produce a variety of cytokines, which are chronic inflammatory markers that increase in arthiritis diseases, so when the artery is seinding blood to your knee joints, it causes pain around the joint.

So these are two types of things that cause pain for the patient, specifically knee joint pain. We can observe moya moya blood vessels from 6 arteries in two genicular artery embolization in this video, and we have shown you the live patient artery where we locate moya moya blood vessels.

So, after detecting Moya moya blood vessels, we injected embolizing particles into the knee joints. The size of these particles is so small that they combine with abnormal blood vessels like Moya moya, and then it blocks them without harming the normal blood vessels that supply blood to the knee joint. Once the abnormal blood vessels are blocked, the cytokines stop spreading around the joint, which immediately relieves your pain.

So, as you can see, there are no blood vessels surrounding the discomfort locations following the angiography process.

So this is how genicular artery embolization is used to treat the knee joint, and many patients benefit from it.

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