What is Moya Moya blood vessels? Why does it lead to pain?

Hello everyone I’m doctor Mohal Banker Interventional radiologist and today we are going to talk about the abnormal blood vessels in our body which are known as Moya Moya blood vessels.

We have learned in school that all the blood vessels in our body are important. The nutrients are reaching everywhere in our body due to blood vessels. So all the blood vessels are very much important. But we don’t know that there are many abnormal blood vessels in our body. Like cancer Tumor, the blood vessels which supply cancer are all abnormal blood vessels and that’s why there is an abnormal growth in the Cancer Tumor.

Like this in the early recess in the late 2000’s we got to know that when the pain is more than 3 months in joints like shoulder joints, knee joints, elbow joints, etc when there is a pain in all these regions the abnormal blood vessels are seen.

Dr. Yuji Okuno in Japan has said that the pain happens in these regions due to abnormal blood vessels has given it the name “Moya Moya blood vessels”. The meaning of Moya Moya in Japan is abnormal blood vessels. This blood is formed due to pain and there are sensory nerves and arteries in our body. This nerve is also known as naatdantu and there is no mining cover this due to this whenever the blood flows from the arteries the nerves got irritated by that and that brings the pain signals to our body and that’s causing the pain in the patient’s body.

The Moya Moya blood vessels are causing the pain. So what do we do for the treatment of Moya Moya blood vessels? There are small embolic particles that block the Moya Moya blood vessels and due to that patient doesn’t feel the pain. These particles are of 50-70 microns. The normal blood vessels are not blocked by these particles so this treatment is only for Moya Moya blood vessels.

As you are watching the screen this the video of on the left side is normal knee and on the right side, the knee is with a vascular blush which is the sign of Moya Moya blood vessels. And once we identify that these are Moya Moya blood vessels then we can treat them easily and the patients can come out of the pain. We use these particles in a way that doesn’t hurt the normal blood vessels. So these Moya Moya blood vessels are very important for chronic pain of joints and particular muscles. This new treatment is known as MSK Embolization for Moya Moya blood vessels by injecting embolization particles we block the blood vessels and after patients are feeling very much relief from the pain.

So thank you so much for listening to this video and you are more clear about these Moya Moya blood vessels. So please understand that all the blood vessels are not the same.

Thank you so much.

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