Exclusive vascular malformation clinic of India

Vascular malformation is complex disease. Each lesion has different types of nidus, so practically all patients are different. There is not a one strategy fix to all patients. One has to define nidus & it’s type, accordingly whole treatment is planned. Nidus is so much complex structure due to presence of multiple incoming & outgoing vessel at single site.

If a clinician sees one patient every few years, it is extremely difficult to gain a learning curve to diagnose and optimally treat them. Typically, these patients bounce from clinician to clinician only to experience disappointing outcomes, complications, and recurrence or worsening of their presenting symptoms. Vascular malformations are truly an “orphan” disease in the medical world.

That is reason i have started exclusive vascular malformation clinic in India. Patient will have highest experience of treating vascular malformation with absolute ethanol embolization under single roof.