Genicular artery embolization results

દર્દીનો opinion , સારવાર ના એક મહિના ના અંતે

Fig. 3

Angiographic findings before and after transcatheter arterial embolization in a 61-year-old patient treated with IPM/CS. Coronal STIR MRI (A) showing joint effusion (white arrow, A) and angiographic comparison before (B) and after (C) embolization. B Selective angiography from descending genicular artery before embolization shows abnormal neovessels (black arrow) adjacent to
medial condyle. C Postembolization angiogram shows elimination of hypervascularity. IPM/CS imipenem/cilastatin sodium, STIR short tau inversion recovery, MC medial condyle, LC lateral condyle