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Interventional Radiology is fastly growing field. It has replaced many complex surgeries in noninvasive procedures. In many disease , because of interventional radiology treatment is possible.

Many years back, when i have done my first case of endovenous laser ablation in 2008, varicose vein treatment predominantly done by ligation & stripping surgery. Gradually its replaced by noninvasive modalities like endovenous thermal ablation & other. It has replaced surgery with advanced daycare procedure. Dr Mohal Banker has done more than 12000 procedures & has wast experience on this disease. Venaseal Glue embolization is most advanced technique to treat varicose vein.

Genicular artery embolization is a new way to treat knee joint pain. Knee joint pain its also very common in society. There is a huge gap between conservative treatment & knee replacement surgery. Interventional radiology offers genicular artery embolization for treatment of osteoarthritis knee joint pain. Dr Mohal Banker has done first case of genicular artery embolization in india.

This video shows procedure of genicular artery embolization along with patients experience of relieving pain.

Heel Pain is very common disease. Its medical terminology is plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is most of the time relieved by non surgical treatment like physiotherapy within 3 months. If it last for more than 3 months than chronic inflammation is going on at site of attachment of plantar fascia. Its classical sign is 1st step pain in morning. Plantar artery embolization gives very promising results in heel pain with reducing chronic inflammation at site of plantar fascia insertion.

Vascular malformation is very complex disease & its best treatment offered by interventional radiologist is absolute ethanol embolization. It’s inner lining of cell has embryological characteristics . If you don’t destroy these cells completely, than it will regrow & regrowth is faster. Many times patients get treated by clinician either by surgery or with glue & coils. As glue & coil just block lumen of vascular malformation, it doesn’t destroy inner lining of vascular malformation…so it will regrow. In surgery also, it’s almost impossible to remove whole lesion because of high bleeding during operation. So surgery, glue or coils are just palliative treatment it’s not curative treatment. Absolute ethanol destroy inner lining of vascular malformation & it gives complete cure from the disease. That’s why Absolute ethanol Embolization is best method to treat vascular malformation. Dr Mohal Banker learn this absolute ethanol embolization from dr wayne yake, interventional radiologist from USA & started this procedure in india.

Frozen shoulder is long lasting disease. Once it starts it will take years to recover. No definite standard effective treatment option available for frozen shoulder. Physiotherapy is only good option for frozen shoulder if patient do it regularly. But patients are very irregular as physiotherapy sessions continue for years. So its outcome varies from patient to patient. Frozen shoulder embolization, its new treatment for such patients. It reduces cytokines release & prevent further progression of disease. It prevent chronic inflammation so pain is significantly reduces & shoulder movement regain quickly.

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