Bankers note : How to use your mind to achieve your entrepreneurial goal?

It’s very common that two surgeon pass from same medical college, when they start their career , they achieve different height in their career after few year of their professional journey. Everybody want to become billionaire but that is his loose wish, loose wish can not produce any result unless until it is converted into burning desire. Let’s find out how to use your mind to convert your wish into burning desire…….with dr mohal banker.


Hello everyone,  We find many examples in surrounding that two people who passed from same college with same degree with same financial background….after few years of journey these two people have achieved differently, one become billionaire & another has not grown much. Let’s find out reason behind it & how to use your mind to achieve big height in your career .

It’s common say that “idea has no one monopoly but to execute idea is monopoly”. Anybody can have any thought but to convert that thought into reality is very important.  Everything that man creates , begin with simple thought impulse……through imagination this thought impulse , assembled into plans…..implementation of this plan leads to success.

First thought impulse will arise in your mind but most of this thought impulse is just loose wish, it’s not a burning desire.  Many from us never think that they can be rich or if they think than her thought is just a wish. If One wishes that I want to become billionair like ambanis or adanis….but this loose wish can not help to achieve his dream……For achieving your dream you have to have burning desire in your mind. Wish can be converted into desire by using your subconscious mind.

There are few ways to use your subconscious mind. Subconscious mind is stimulated through your emotions. There are positive emotions like faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance & hope. There are negative emotions like fear, jealousy, greed, revenge, anger & superstition. Positive & negative emotion can not occupy your mind at same time. One or other must dominate in your mind, so it’s our responsibility that we feed our subconscious mind with positive thoughts.

2nd use of your subconscious mind is autosuggestion.   Everyday in morning just after wake up & in night just before sleep, think about your desire & give 10-20 minutes to think about your planning.  Many times your mind organized your knowledge & gives a plan to achieve your goal.

3rd use of subconscious mind is creative imagination or we call it “6th sense”. Your mind develops some intuitive ideas which are not explainable by routine explanation. When you work this kind of intuitive ideas , you become more successful. This is called 6th sense. Most of the invention occur on earth are done by such intuitive mind like Albert Einstein.  The sixth sense comes only by meditation through mind development from within. It probably is the medium of contact between the finite mind of man and Infinite Intelligence. It is believed to be the point at which the mind of man contacts the Universal Mind. The sixth sense is a mixture of both the mental and the spiritual.

Now let’s understand use of conscious mind to getting rich. Conscious mind help us in organizing knowledge, imagination, planning, descision & will power. There are two types of Knowledge. One is general knowledge which is taught in school & college…..which is not much useful in practical life. Another is specialized knowledge which is acquired by experience & observation. Conscious mind will organized this specialized knowledge & make a definite plan through imagination & take action.

2nd most important use of conscious mind is in decision taking. Remember that people who are influenced by opinion of others can never take proper decision. Take a decision with keeping all probability in your mind.

3rd use is persistence or your will power. Many time people leave their goal on half way due to lack of will power. Will power is a state of mind & can be cultivated through definate plans & accurate knowledge.

Let’s see few example of real life. Do you know steve jobs of apple & mark zuberberg of facebook  came to india when their companies passes from rough time? They learn how to make your mind powerfull through meditation. Steve jobs has intense desire to built new product like iphone or ipad. At that time no such a product in market so nobody knows these products market size or will this product be successful or not? He uses his 6th sense, built a product & marketed successfully. If you look at his will power, decision making , imagination & execution of plan…..all are well controlled by his mind.

So friends, these is step by step process of using your conscious & subconscious mind to achieve your dream. If you have any question do mail me. I highly recommend this book “think & grow rich” by nepolian hill. 

Bankers note: how to use your mind to achieve entrepreneurial goal

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