India's premier Vascular Interventional center. It has highest number of treating experience in Varicose Vein. This center is doing exclusive treatment for Vascular Malformation with Absolute Ethanol Embolization. It has also started first time in India , Genicular Artery Embolization for Knee Pain, Frozen Shoulder Embolization & other Musculoskeletal Pain like Tennis Elbow & Heel Pain.

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Bankers Vascular Hospital, 3rd Floor RJP House Anandnagar Road Ahmedabad

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+91 9909908428, +91 9909903449


Bankers Vascular Hospital

3rd Floor RJP House Anandnagar Road Ahmedabad

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Online consultation

Vascular malformation is complex disease. If a clinician sees one patient every few years, it is extremely difficult to gain a learning curve to diagnose and optimally treat them. Typically, these patients bounce from clinician to clinician only to experience disappointing outcomes, complications, and recurrence or worsening of their presenting symptoms. Vascular malformations are truly an “orphan” disease in the medical world.

That is reason i run exclusive vascular malformation clinic in India. Patient will have highest experience of treating vascular malformation with absolute ethanol embolization under single roof.

Many patients from different parts of world are facing problem for vascular malformation treatment. Most of the time they have been treated previously by surgery or any other modality which is failed. I run this dedicated vascular malformation center for these kind of patients.

I do online consultation for vascular malformation. Online opinion will cost you 30 $ or 2000 indian rupees. After accessing reports i will give you opinion about treatment. No medicine will be prescribed in online consultation.

Requirement from patient’s side (1) all scan documents of previous treatment. (2) MRI report. (3) photographs of lesion.

Fill up this form & send me for online consultation.

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