How I Treat Frozen Shoulder Pain?

In the video above, Dr.Rozil Gandhi, an Interventional radiologist, discusses frozen shoulder

and how it is very frequent in individuals nowadays. While there are many various types of

treatments for frozen shoulder, Dr.Rozil will discuss a new technique to treat frozen shoulder

that is non-surgical.

Adhesive capsulitis is the scientific name for frozen shoulder. Adhesive capsulitis is the

joint of the shoulder. When the covering of the shoulder becomes swollen, it is called

capsulitis, and it slowly turns the shoulder joint very hard, affecting shoulder joint movement

and possibly giving you night pain or shoulder movement pain.

What are the causes of the Frozen shoulder?

Frozen shoulder can be caused by a variety of factors.

Because uncontrolled blood sugar levels can damage collagen, a crucial protein that makes

up your connective tissue, people with diabetes are more likely to develop frozen shoulder.

Any shoulder injury or surgery that needs hospitalization of the shoulder is linked to this

condition (i.e., by using a shoulder brace, sling, shoulder wrap, etc.)

And now we know that many people have had shoulder discomfort after receiving a covid

vaccination, which occurs when the vaccine is administered on the wrong side of the body,

and that the most effective treatment for any type of shoulder pain is rest.

Treatments For shoulder pain :

If you have diabetes and aren’t getting any results in terms of pain relief, an

anti-inflammatory, or painkiller, should be given to the patient. Physiotherapy is also an

option for the treatment of frozen shoulder, but if you aren’t getting relief after 3 to 4 months

of treatment, we may have the right option for you.

Shoulder joint embolization :

This treatment can be done by angiography. We have a radial artery on our wrist through

which a catheter is put to do angiography for the shoulder joint and the damaged nerves that

are supplying excessive blood to the joint.

In this procedure, we do angiography and create a map of the nerves that supply blood to

the shoulder. We then minimize the swelling of the shoulder by injecting embolized particles,

which reduces the swelling and relieves your discomfort significantly.

This procedure does not require any cuts or surgery, and the recovery rate is extremely high

in this type of angiography.

This procedure does not require any cuts or surgery, and the recovery rate is extremely high

in this type of angiography.

Shoulder pain live cases

Catheter treatment for shoulder joint pain is one of the best way to treat it.