Vascular malformation

Vascular malformation is very complex disease. It’s inner lining of cell has embryological characteristics . If you don’t destroy these cells completely, than it will regrow & regrowth is faster. Many times patients get treated by clinician either by surgery or with glue & coils. If you hear my below talk, than you can realize that it’s totally wrong way to treat. As glue & coil just block lumen of vascular malformation, it doesn’t destroy inner lining of vascular malformation…so it will regrow. In surgery also, it’s almost impossible to remove whole lesion because of high bleeding during operation. So surgery, glue or coils are just palliative treatment it’s not curative treatment. Absolute ethanol destroy inner lining of vascular malformation & it gives complete cure from the disease. That’s why Absolute ethanol Embolization is best method to treat vascular malformation.

Absolute ethanol is a lethal weapon , it will be helpful if you know how to use it otherwise it will create more complication. One has to develop expertise for absolute ethanol embolisation. Individual medical practitioner doesn’t develop expertise if they see few patients per year. That’s why western countries has started dedicated vascular malformation centre. After my visit in USA, I feel that india should have such dedicated centre for vascular malformation. That’s why , i have started dedicated centre for vascular malformation in india. This is a unique centre in india, where many types of vascular malformation patients are treated under one roof & with highest experience.

Theme of below mentioned talk: Treating vascular malformation is just like a fighting in battle field. There is no bulletproof strategy over here. In indian mythological stories, karna was given kawach from surya bhagwan , yet it could not protect him when he was on wrong side. While abhimanyu was on right side, kunti has given him raksha bandana, yet it could not save him. Experience suggest that if you are going into battlefield, be prepared with right knowledge , experience & proper weapon than & than you can win.

Sharing my experience, knowledge & weapon in this talk.

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