Varicose veins થી થતા Ulcer ની સારવાર ક્યારે કરાવશો ?

Hello everyone I’m doctor Mohal Banker Interventional radiologist and welcome to this our special pain channel.

Today we are going to discuss Varicose veins ulcers.

Which time is perfect for the treatment of varicose veins ulcers?

It is a very important question at which stage we go for the treatment of varicose veins ulcers. It is a common myth that varicose veins ulcers should be treated after the blood loss.

If you find out the answer to this question is very easily available. The main problem of these ulcers is that the amount of blood that comes into the body doesn’t go back outside the body. The main cause of this venous ulceration is the impure stagnation of the blood.

So whenever you are having pain through varicose veins then the first step you should do the treatment of varicose veins. The new technique Venaseal Glue Embolization is the most ideal treatment and you take that treatment as soon as possible. If you think that these veins slow down and after that, you take the treatment then you are wrong. The pain will be less by the band-aid but if you don’t go through proper treatment then the varicose veins may reappear to your body.

Whenever you are having varicose veins ulcers then you have to go for treatment. First, you have to do the color doppler scan and after that, you should go for the treatment of Venaseal Glue Embolization. By this treatment, you will get rid of Varicose veins ulcers and there will be very fewer chances that your varicose veins reappear in your body.

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