Genicular Artery Embolization training

Dr Banker & Dr Rozil gandhi have done india’s first case of genicular artery embolization. Being pioneered in this field we have gained lots of experience for knee pain & other joint pain treatment.

Now it’s our turn to teach young Interventional Radiologist this procedure & save knee joint from joint replacement operation. With this intention we have started training programme for genicular artery embolization.

There are Two modules of training

  1. Theoretical approach
  • Anatomy of knee joint
  • Genicular artery Anatomy
  • Mechanism of action for G.A.E.
  • How to Examine patient?
  • How to Select patient & Evaluate effectiveness of our treatment.
  • Hardware selection for case.
  • Which embolizing particle should be used?

2. Practical training- once candidate Aquent with theory we give him practical training.

  • Live case -How to identify genicular arteries?
  • Live case- How to hook genicular arteries-tips & tricks.
  • Live case- Identification of moya moya blood vessels.
  • Live case- Injecting embolizing particle-tips & tricks.
  • Live case- Identification of end point.
  • Practical tips to avoid complication.

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  1. Sir
    Could you please inform about the details of the growth of knee articular cartilage after the GENICULAR ARTERY EMBOLISATION.
    IF IT IS true, please inform me the details, and also inform the average life of GAE treatment.
    I request you please to have tie-up with one of the hospitals at Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh also.

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